Jelena and Kalvin were one of my favorite couples, (I know I say that about all my couples, I can't help it!) I got to spend some time with them before the wedding getting to know them, and that really came through on their wedding day, helping me to capture their personalities in these lovely images. 

Their ceremony at the Millenium Centre in downtown Winnipeg afforded us many wonderful shooting opportunities, as the multilevel centre offers a host of unique and interesting backdrops. Photographing the ceremony in that beautiful hall was something I won't ever forget, the huge dome above them echoing their words forever. This is what I love to document, moments that are so meaningful to the people involved, being able to help share them forever. That's what a good photograph can do, extend moments indefinitely.

We had a generous amount of time after the ceremony so we set off on our photographic adventure and had a fun afternoon in the summer sun. We shared a lot of laughter, and took some fun photographs of the wedding party, then captured the dramatic and fashion-esque photographs that the couple were after. 

Seeing Jelena and Kalvin together at the reception was a real inspiration, they adore one another and it showed as the they began to unwind at dinner. All in all it was a great day of a couple in love and wedding photography, I am happy to have been apart of their story, and be able to share their images with you.