I had such a wonderful experience photographing Sarah and Andrew's wedding day! We had a short but fantastic day together, filled with loads of laughter, and great light. Working with tight timelines didn't stop me from capturing the magic and the timeless moments of their wedding day.

About an hour before the reception we were able to sneak way and take some bridals of Sarah, Andrew and the wedding party. We used a nearby field as a backdrop for the ladies in their colorful dresses. I especially enjoyed photographing Sara in the middle of the river. With my assistant and I standing bare foot among the rocks I was able to capture some of my favorite wedding images to date.

Sara was the perfect bride to appear in these photographs, and I love it when what I envision comes to life before my eyes, I wanted classic, iconic images of a bride on the canvas with the raw Canadian wilderness as the backdrop, and it all came together for us just as the sun was hitting the horizon. It was a fantastic day, and I couldn't ask for better people to work with, now onto the images!