"Sara was shocked when Sunil  asked her to trespass into the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden after hours,  but little did she know he had  made a reservation ahead of time.

When the full moon came out and he bent down onto one knee, however, everything suddenly made sense. While Sara had her hopes set on an outdoor barn wedding, practicality had the couple hosting within the city, so they chose the Qualico Centre at Assiniboine Park for an indoor/outdoor feel. The smaller capacity there forced the couple to cut back the guests list, but in the end they were happiest celebrating with those that truly mattered."

- It's Love Magazine

Sara and Sunil's wedding was featured in the Spring 2014 edition of It's Love Magazine.


Sara and Sunil are two of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. We hit it off immediately at their engagement shoot. They told me how shy Sunil was in from of the camera and would be happy to get a few good shots on our first outing. We got more than a few, it was one of the most fun engagement shoots I've ever done, we exchanged stories, laughter and got some fantastic photographs of a couple very much in love. 

The wedding events were more of the same, Sara and Sunil provided me with endless smiles, and I created a photography package for their wedding events to capture everything they wanted to see. From the details of the Hindu ceremonies to the fashion styled photographs in the Millennium Center. 

Together we were able to capture some unique and striking photographs over the course of their wedding. Sara's whole family was very welcoming, and as I got to know the family it became easier and easier to photograph the whole process as we developed a real sense of friendship and trust. 

This was a three day event, and I took over 6000 photo's and was able to give my clients over 800 fully toned images, I am very pleased with the result and I hope you enjoy their photographs as much as I do.