What a beautiful fusion of two cultures, Seema and Arryn had two ceremonies on their day, this coupled with the fact they were such a joy to work with led to a wonderful day of photographs and memories. 

From the fabulous henna done by Kim Brennan to the gorgeous colors Seema chose for her wedding, it was a photographers dream come true to be able to capture their day together.

Seema and Arryn share a special place in each other's hearts. I could see it in the tender moments I was able to capture whenever they would stop to just look at one another. 

Each ceremony gave me unique moments to capture, and being able to see both sides of their culture in the same day was really special. As with all my couples images I spent an immense amount of time hand toning each photograph to really bring out the feeling that was present on their wedding day. Each wedding is a work of art to me, and I treat it the same as I would one of my gallery exhibitions, giving it the utmost care and thought to bring forth the love and memories of the couple to the fullest.